Something Beautiful

Our unique bead and wire sculpture is a collaborative piece of artwork created by the children, parents and Morot of the Bumblehopper Class, 2012-2013. At the start of the school year the walls in the Bumblehopper classroom were bare, waiting to be filled with meaningful pieces created by our classroom community. During the first week of school, the teachers provided  green and clear beads, along with wire, pliers and wire cutters for the children to experiment with. The only direction the children were given was to “create something beautiful for our classroom.” The children eagerlychose their beads, created designs and patterns, and strung the beads on the wire. The children were so involved and invested in the project many chose to make multiple strands of beads over the course of several days.

After the stringing was complete, each child self-selected just the right spot on the grid to place their special contribution and stood back and admired their work with pride. But before long, there were so many tangents of beads and wires that they were no longer looked upon as individual strands but a  web of interconnectedness---just like our classroom community!

Our “something beautiful” project continued to bloom at our annual “Back to School Night”. The parents all streamed into the classroom interested to talk with the teachers and hear about the school year ahead. But instead of the traditional note-taking implements of paper and pens usually found at meetings, the parents were greeted with beads in various shades of brown, wire, pliers and wire cutters on the tables. As the discussion of the school year ensued so did the creativity. The parents were creating more pieces to add to our “something beautiful.” After the meeting, the parents excitedly chose where to add their special pieces to the grid. As more pieces were added, the more meaningful the artwork became. The Morot and even Rabbi Jonah also added beads to the “something beautiful” to symbolize their place in our community.

As with the children, our “something beautiful” facilitated a communal connection with the adults in our  school. The finished product, in addition to being a unique piece of artwork, is tangible evidence that working together can create “something beautiful.”